Why hasn't my story been reviewed?

Hey everybody. My story hit 1000 reads a few weeks ago but it still hasn’t been reviewed by episode . However, I see others who’s stories hit 200 and are already getting reviewed? Please help!!!

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Because it’s not the reads that counts but the rank.
While it’s nice getting more and more reads daily, you need to have a look at your ranking.
You need to have a ranking of at least 101 over a longer period of time to get reviewed.
As long as you haven’t been reviewed yet, you can’t get a better rank than 101.

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Oh😅 ok thanks so much❤

I just got reviewed but my story is also a contest entry so that’s probably why.

But to be reviewed with a normal story you need to hit rank 100 which is unfortunately hard depending on your genre. Any story that hits rank 100 or better will automatically be reviewed

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