Why haven't I been approved yet?


So my new story Killer Party was published more than a week ago I think and I uploaded my cover, backgrounds and overlays, but they haven’t been reviewed yet! I am getting really annoyed with it. Does anybody know what is happening? Or what can I do about this situation?


Same here, been waiting on stuff for over a week. I think I saw something about a contest which is causing them to take longer to approve things, but I’m not sure about that.


Mine took almost two weeks, just wait a few days and I’m sure it will get approved, if not, send a ticket to Episode.


OOF, I just uploaded like 20 backgrounds…


Is there like…a time where there’s NO contest going on? Since they’re the big reason why Episode takes their sweet time to approve. :confused:


For my case, approval always takes 1 week. No matter the number of backgrounds submitted, it’s still about 1 week. So it’s roughly about that range.


Me and my friend wrote a story together. We created new account for that. All backgrounds and overlays were approved in 2 days after we uploaded them,

While on my personal account at that same time - period, I waited for approval for a week or two.