Why he hates "Sanctity of Human Life Sunday"

I can understand, but, honestly, it’s always gonna be like this (read the article to understand what I’m talking about) he does not want to have to tell people that life is precious, they should just know.
But it isn’t that simple, there was a social experiment where people were asked to pick money over a child’s life, two white men and one black man.
Only one black man chose the child’s life over the one million dollars.
One white guy was upset that they caught him picking the money and was thrown off by the fact that they gave him this offer in the first place, was trying to pick in a distraught manner, but the one that picked the child was calm about it and picked the child and was so happy that he did the right thing and passed the test.

The last one picked the money and was nonchalant, didn’t care and only said: I need that money, man.

one out of three men picked the baby’s life, yes, it was a toddler, probably only one year old with a gun to the head (i think, I don’t remember)

this was the video. that was the black guy.

I don’t know the outcome of this video, but it may have better results I hope.

He just wants people to already know the value of life, sympathy helps us do that, some people don’t have that.

What the hell? How would you pick money over a toddler’s life? It doesn’t matter whose life it is, an old lady’s, a baby’s, a teen’s. I would pick a murderer in rehabilitation’s life over that money, because they chose, to instead of rot in jail, to turn their life around and see sense, and for that, they deserve a second chance at life, a new page to start on. Money or a life? So if a toddler was hanging over a volcano on the right path, and on the left path there was a million pounds, and if you picked the toddler, the money would be gone, and if you picked the money, the toddler would fall, 1 out of 3 men would pick the toddler!? The toddler might have parents and friends and family who care about them! They have their whole lives ahead of them!

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