Why I can't read my story?

It started yesterday. I was writing and then when I clicked preview but when I clicked on “directing helper” it didn’t worked. I clicked on the conversation and it stayed like that.

When I decided to review it from my phone it kicked me out of the app. When I try to review other unpublished stories it didn’t kick me out. What is happening? I don’t have any errors. The only error I have is with overlays because I have to wait for them to be approved before I publish. I had time to write this weekend and I wrote 2 episodes and half and I can’t review them. They aren’t long. The first chapter is almost 600 lines long and the second will be probably 700, Is that why I can’t review. Idk I am confused

Sometimes this happens to me when the portal doesn’t show any errors, but if I go through the script, there’s actually an error that wasn’t picked up.
For example, I’ve spelt the character’s name wrong lol.

Keeping the above in mind I have gone ahead and moved this to Directing Help & Tips since this is more than likely a scripting error and not an issue with the portal. Thanks :v:

But @Nick what if I’m wrong and it’s a different issue? :sweat_smile:

Then we will deal with it when the time comes around and we figure it out :nerd_face: Until then it belongs in the section of the forums where script troubleshooting can be done :smiley:


A couple questions:

  • Do you get kicked out no matter where in your story you try and preview? For both chapters?

Sometimes, this “error” can actually mask warnings. I’ve found before that the only error I’ll have will be overlays/backgrounds not approved, but once they are approved, a bunch of warnings will suddenly pop up for things spelt incorrectly or things like that.

Well I have to wait. But sometimes I can review my story from my laptop but when i change character’s spot it glitches idk why :frowning:

When I open my story to review it kicks me out of the app and I can’t see amything. From my laptop when i review it it doesn’t let me see the whole scene and I just deleted my unapproved overlays from my sript and still nothing. It kicked me out of the app again before it load to review. Idk what is happening. Is it a glitch?

After all i decided to rewrite this story. I will make the characters and outfits and I will copy-paste the whole script.

No matter where you open it? Have you exited out of the app completely, gone back in and it does it as soon as you open the story?

please copy here your script varound this scene…as it was already written sometimes there migh be an error even the portal doesnt show it…it especally appens to me when I have rhings written next to the background…if I wrongly wtihe the overlax next to it the script doesnt recognise it for some raeson.,

I rewrote my story and I don’t have problems for now.

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