Why is episode banning peeps?

Wait, so they ''suspended" our girl cookie?! Episode why?


User’s are getting banned for violating the forum rules and/or other violations that have been committed. Nothing more, nothing less. Hope this helps explain. :v:


Quick question Jeremy, does it depend on the number of violation or just a simple rule breaking?


@lanafrazer_episode I updated a few different things in this post to make it a bit more clear. Genuinely hope this helps :v:

Great question @lanafrazer_episode and thanks for taking the time to ask :smiley:

As indicated in the flagging tutorial

But for a tl;dr version direct from myself:

  • Forums notify forum team of flag
  • When the forum team has the time and isn’t already tending to other forum related matters (other flags, moving threads, closing threads, solving threads, working on future/current forum upgrades, ideas, escalating feature requests to Episode, etc) they open the flag queue and review the flag that has been submitted
    This includes reviewing the reason the post/thread was flagged, the context of the post, the wording of the post as well as the entire thread that the post was created in. It is important to understand that we review the entire thread so the forum team has a complete understanding of where the user who was flagged is coming from with the post that they created and what their intentions were with the comment/post.
  • The team reviews the user’s past flagging history, the staff notes that we keep for that user as well as their previous post’s/archived history. If the user has a tendency to cause trouble or has a large amount of flags then the team has a discussion to find out what appropriate action should be taken.

There is one really important thing that I think many users of the forums are not remembering.

Based on recent conversations I have had with some users on the forums it seems that a few are perceiving flagging as a disciplinary action…but it isn’t. User’s are not being reprimanded when they receive a flag unless they violate the forum rules (and in every case we review the user’s past to decide on how to best proceed) and even though a few popular forum members have recently gotten suspended…this rarely ever happens. Flag’s are warnings/educational tools. They tell you what post was created that violated the rules and for what reason in particular. The user is in no trouble at all unless after reviewing the flag the team concludes that the rules were broken/violated.

I know this turned into another long rant but I want to be as transparent with ya’ll as I can and try my best to explain the situation in detail to avoid having this happen to anyone else.

P.S: Regarding one particular ban as of late…the forum team had nothing to do with the ban, but we will not be discussing this particular ban any further besides with the suspended user. Thanks :v:


Thanks Jeremy! :100::v:


Moved thread to Episode Fan Community since it was created in Gen Chat. Thanks!


Thanks for this Jeremy. I can’t say that I don’t want to know more, but I understand that you can’t go into specific details so I appreciate that you said something at least. What I would really like to know is how can any violation of the forum rules make someone get banned from the entire platform. But if you don’t share this with us, I hope you are really going to share it at least with the suspended users.


No problem at all. If we are asked questions in a respectful way that doesn’t violate the forum rules we are more than happy to share what we can with the community.

As of today there has never been an instance where only flagged content on the forums has caused a user to be platform banned. Just because a certain user or users might insist otherwise doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. :man_shrugging:


Thanks for adding “only”, I was a little confused. Actually no one told me this, I just noticed that the two things happened at the same time, so that’s why I asked.


No problem at all and I understand. Was just including that for clarification just in case. Just like with @lanafrazer_episode I can’t thank you enough for coming to us with this :slight_smile:


Hi, @Jeremy! I’m a very close friend of one of the people who was banned recently and I’m confused. In the email they got, the reasons for the forum ban were cited as being silenced 6 times and having 100+ flags. There was no other reason and I read it quite a few times myself. I saw it with my own eyes because I was there when they got it!

Do you mean not just flags as in that said person was banned for silences too, or do you mean there’s another reason we (including said person) don’t know about?

I’m sorry if this is too much prying!


I don’t think the Forum staff is to blame here! But it is a little confusing at the same time. I hope it will make some more sense soon!





So, just to be on the safe side, users on the forums have to be careful and mindful of what they say on here? :disappointed:


I really agree with @/Jeremy some of you guys need understand people get banned for a reason. Besides the forums are like the real world, you say some messed up stuff you get consquences.


Yes, it’s all in their rules, so have to follow, and be careful of what you say.

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The consequence of being banned from the forums is understandable (even though I don’t think they deserved this either). Their stories (Shannii, Nelida, and Cookies) did not break guidelines and should not have been removed and access to write them cut off. That seems completely unreasonable.