Why is Episode changing all my animations to talk_apathetic



I saved my script and most of the animations within the script defaulted to talk_apathetic or yawn_bored. I used the randomizer feature and I’m wondering if it’s possible that is the cause of the problem? I used a script template as well by the way… I’m scared to save it after manually fixing it as it might happen again… I thought I was being hacked lol. My sister suggested I copy the script and paste it but I’m still worried that it’ll happen even after that…
Does anyone or has anyone else had this problem, if not what could I do?
Thanks in advance, all responses appreciated x


what kind is it


I’m using INK x


I think I accidentally clicked on the “Add Animation” button… So everything is resolved now and this thread can be closed now as well I guess. :joy::blush:
@Jeremy @Ryan

Thanks x