Why is episode removing stories without author notification

So it’s becoming a huge hassle with episode removing authors stories of the app without giving authors any notification or a chance to change anything

Oh my god, we should ask about this!

Because the problem lies too deep within the plot rather than just one scene. Episode gives chance to change it if it is possible for it to be changed.

bc the stories have been flagged multiple times, include overly sexual content, too much violence & maybe ur favorite mafia writer told u smth different on their Instagram story… but they were probably given many warning & chances to change the content, they just didn’t do it efficiently. It’s either that, or the violations were so extreme, episode felt the need to remove the story immediately.

Ik it’s v hard for both reader & writer (especially writer) to lose their work :sleepy: but in the end, this is episode’s platform, episode owns the story & episode makes the rules. :cupid:


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