Why is episode so hard

I’m curious, how long does it take for you writers to write a full episode :joy:

took me 3 hours before

If I have no other obligations (school, work, things with family) I can normally crank out a 20 minute Episode in about 2-3 days, pending background approval. You get faster with coding the more you do it. It also gets easier and you learn tricks that work best for you.
Suggestion, in your script: I would use more ANDs and combine the layer placement. There seems to be a bit of delay (if only a millisecond) for each line you use. I find the more things I can fit on one line, the smoother the scene runs.


Thank you :heart:

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It takes a week-2 to write 1700-3000 lines. Doing other obligations as well.

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I work full time and have a 9 month old baby so … it really varies :smile: Maybe 5 to 7 hours total, spread out over a few days?


That being said, it typically takes me about a week to write an Episode unless I have a lot going on. I am also an extremely fast writer and coder. Don’t feel bad if it takes a few weeks to write one Episode. That’s normal. That’s also why readers need to understand that writers cannot update as frequently as they would like. Unless this is the only thing we do in life, we cannot publish an Episode a day.


It gets better after you get the hang of coding. My very first episode probably took me 6 hours but it was short and full of glitches :wink:

Guys don’t listen to @J.Miley she’s a robot! :robot:

Her directing and writing is perfect and she writes so fast so it’s hard to believe she’s a human!

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@Apes :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
You’ve been calling me a robot for what?? Nearly 2 years now? Whenever you first started reading my first (now deleted) Episode story.
My writing and directing is NOT perfect. :roll_eyes:
<insert mumble under my breath which @Apes knows what I’m talking about…>
You just like to flatter me.

Honestly, guys, you can’t rush yourself, and if it takes you a week… it takes you a week. If it takes you a month… it takes you a month.
The important thing is to enjoy doing it and be proud of what you publish.
When you are reviewing your story (and I recommend you review it SEVERAL times before you publish) ask yourself… would I want to read this? If not… figure out what changes you would want to make, and make them.
If there is something you can’t figure out how to do… ask. There are several people on the forum, including @Apes and myself that are always willing to help… she just stalks the forum more frequently than I do, so she answers all the questions.


it usually takes me an hour depending on the length it can take up to 3 hours

It really depends on the complexity of what I’m writing. I can code a whole episode in one day, but I prefer not to lol. I need to space things out and go back and change things. I’d say AVERAGE 3 days.

Omfg thank you guys for telling me. I was just wondering because I’m doing a very complex directing story and it took me over a week to get kinda done with the first chapter

when i edit my stories it usually takes 3 days to go through my episodes and change anything i’m not happy with

It depends on the chapter. If I don’t need to make a background or don’t need to add new overlays. In just 3 days. But if the chapter needs a lot of overlays and a lot of directing and backgrounds. It can take me about 3 weeks to a month since. I can’t sit long amount of the time since I have 3 little ones.