Why is Episode taking so long to approve backgrounds and overlays


I have been waiting 2 weeks now. Why are they taking so long? Anyone else waiting for approval of backgrounds and overlays? :thinking::thinking:


Mine took 5 days :woman_facepalming:t2: I’m not sure why yours are taking that long its just a waiting game :persevere:


Wow. 5 days.


It is taking so long because of the Thriller contest going on right now and so many people are sending in backgrounds and overlays to be checked. If your feel like you have been waiting too long you can always submit a ticket.


Oh. I forgot about the Thriller Contest. How can I subit a ticket?


I’m guessing they still didn’t hire more people as I think they are shorthanded or that there are a lot of people on vacation over the summer. I am sure the contest had something to do with it, because I imagine the brief period between the publication of DD stories and announcement of the Thriller contest, approvals probably came through a little quicker.


Oh wow.


be patient they have to look at hundreds of backgrounds each day. plus the thriller contest is going on, so they probably have more backgrounds to approve. :blue_heart:


Yeah im patient. Lol. 🖒😂


:joy: oof well i hope my reply kinda answered your question


Yeah. Everyone who replied answered my question. Lol.


haha okay :joy:




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