Why is episode taking SO long to approve backgrounds?


Why the wait? They’ve slowed down so much


I suppose it’s because they have so many backgrounds to check, but I agree with you. My one background is the last thing I need to publish the next chapter of my story. :persevere:


Did you get yours approved yet? They said Patience is virtue, but four days is a bit much. The ones that been waiting the longest should get bumped up. It’s literally two SFW pics. :sleepy::sneezing_face:


It actually depends, there was one time I uploaded like 3 backgrounds, and 3 hours later they were approved. And today I got 2 backgrounds approved, and I submitted them like a week ago. You can never know :woman_shrugging:


I don’t think so. I only have one background that I NEED but I guess patience is the key. :woman_shrugging:t3:


While this isn’t a diehard rule, just a pattern I have noticed, the people at the bg review team tend to work overtime right before a contest deadline then seem to get a break right after. Then the week after the contest closes they tend to resume their normal around a week approval time. This week starts their normal review speed.


How long did you have to wait? The typical wait is 3 days.


I had to wait for a week but I get it I mean I can’t move on tell it is but they also get like 10,000 backgrounds sent to the daily sometimes I get them done in no time and sometimes it tacks awhile. I agree with HumanBean though they just got done with contest so it should be back to normal now. :slight_smile:


Yeah they did. I’m starting to get impatient now.