Why is everyone attacking 13 year olds?

I’ve seen lots of videos where people say it’s “embarrassing to be 13 in 2020” and I know the point is to make 13-year-olds mad, but why? Why is it so funny? Can someone please explain this trend because I don’t understand


I haven’t heard about it much but I wonder why too :woman_shrugging:t2:

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It’s rather a joke not meant to be taken to heart, everyone grows up and more or less regrets all the cringey stuff they did as a 13 year old. This is more like people picking on their own younger self than actual 13 year olds! <3


If in that way I did plenty such things when I was 13 :joy: like everyone else

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I have never seen this, and I actively scroll through social media for videos and crap. :thinking:

I have to agree with Auritry though! Most of the time it’s people making fun of themselves when they were younger. I’m 17 and I judge what I did when I was 16… Even though it wasn’t that long ago. :joy: :joy:

I haven’t been seen it used much to be honest, but it’s just generally a joke/sarcasm that implies that they’re immature or doing cringey stuff etc. Not like an actual attack on 13 year olds.

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