Why is everyone so nice here and btw does anyone wanna be friends?



So I’ve been here for like a month or so and everyone is SO NICEEEE !! :heart_eyes:
Anyone who wants to be friends leave your Instagram acc and I’ll follow you and you don’t need to follow back !


Hello! I would love to be friends!


Heyy! My insta is: Melanin_Queen_Writes


Hiiiiii OMG I’m so happy right now and Idk why !


My insta is @art_episode :grin:


hey! i’ll be your friend! my instagram is @anonymousauthor1


Haha that’s good, I have plenty of moments like that :joy: ! You should DM me on instagram! It’s episode_noel_


Heya aa I’d like to make new friends lol


And lol damn I don’t have insta so Lmao


My insta is _megancreates.






Does anyone know any good stories btw because I just finished Complicated and I don’t know which story to start? :frowning_face:


Rebounding with storm
Love me black and blue
Love and war
The tutor
Dear inmate
With or without you




would you mind cheking out my story and seeing if u like it?


sure what is it ?


Hale Huna

here’s my cover

could you PM me your opinions? i’d really appreciate it!


sorry for going off-topic


Strange chemistry

The girl upstairs

Why me


Silver lining

Becoming queen bee

Best mistake


They are ALL so good!