Why is everyone so nice here and btw does anyone wanna be friends?



Followed back!


Are they like sort of romance stories?


Every single one of these are :joy: I love romance.


i ate your fries I hope you forgive me


I won’t ever :’(


aw man




Hi, I would love to be friends :blush:

Also, my insta is @purplerose.episode


heeey! :blush:
my insta is @lucidwriter.ep


BTW my acc is @elenaioannu but when i publish my story it’s going to be @vengeance.ep or @elena_writes_ep


Hi! My insta is @jxz.e


I’ll be your friend! But like I’m dead on insta so I got you for PMss


My Instagram account is @episode.warrior.gem :lollipop: :black_heart:

And I agree, most of the people are nice on here : )


Sameee im very surprised and pleased actually!! Alot of good and nice people who give you support on how to improve your stories! As well as willing to take the time to talk to you. Thats great indeed.

My insta is @jannahjackson (i know… same username everywhere😂)


Ikr everyone is so nice here! I even have a fast food centre. Please stop by sometime! Saasha’ s fast food centre

And yeah! I would love to be friends!!! And oh my Insta is @Saasha_episode


Hey i can be ur friend. My instra is @l_ove_lane
Feel free to Dm me…


…i love that name…



Hi I love to be your frd…my Instagram…_episode.kaju


Hi. I’d like to be your friend

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