Why is it doing this?

So yesterday I had the problem were I had like 6 overlays approved and in my preview it said if wasn’t approved, now today no matter what background I try to use it says it does not exist or is misspelled. I always copy and past the name of the background to the script so that I don’t mess it up, I just don’t get why it is telling me this…Anyone else have this problem?

Did you make sure to press save for your script after your overlays/backgrounds were approved? :thinking:

Yes. I have deleted it and tried moving it to a different line because someone else said to do that and still didn’t work. I have exited out of the hole thing and want back in still no.

I have a background that is not approved yet I want to use and I do this all the time use them without being approved first but this is a hole different error and I have tried just using a Episode background just to see if it would work and I get the same error. I copy and past name so that I can’t miss spell or leave any thing out.

The overlay that I had problems with yesterday is fine now. Just the background now.

1.Try reloading the page?

2.Maybe you have an error somewhere before or after the background name.

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I tried reloading 3 times. I’ll go check that I didn’t thank about that. :slight_smile:

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Just checked no error before the background. :neutral_face::sob: It just does not want me to write chapter 7.

I even previewed all the scripted before it and it played through till it got there, the screen is just black.

It can be the name. I had to re-change my overlay name because it kept saying the overlay name doesn’t exist and I changed it now it works.
I had overlay name Daughter and Father
So I changed it to
Love 2 now it works.

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Do I just delete the background then reload it with new name? Or is there a way to do it with out deleting it?

No keep it and reload it with a different name. Don’t use Spence because it can confuse it with the name Spencer and think you are spelling the name wrong.

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Okay thank you I will try it.

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My script didn’t take this name

But it took this name

So I have tried it and it didn’t work. I changed the name to LOVE and it still said the same thing.

Click off of the browser and go on it again. And see

I just did and still the same thing. It really really really just does not want me to write Chapter 7.

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Does it say anything else under the error script?

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&SPENCER stands screen right And SPENCER faces left AND SUMMER stands screen left AND SUMMER faces right

Scroll this down.

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scrolled down and it said that I couldn’t do that. So I just deleted it and reloaded it and that is done so it says nothing under the background know but it still says the error about the background. :frowning: