Why is it like this?

So I published my first story today! (Yay!)

But someone messaged me and sent me this

Saying that their character is too short. She’s suppose to be petite but not THAT petite. So I went on portal to see what it looked like

Which is this.
Now that I’ve published if I try and do the mobile previewer it has me watch ads and I can’t direct anything on there. :grimacing::woman_shrugging: I’m just confused. Another thing that happened was when I went to preview my episode it had character features all jumbled up. Is that normal? I asked a friend and she said it wasn’t like that when she watched it.

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In both images, the characters are the same height.

What are your spot commands for all 4 characters? Check that you aren’t missing a digit.


Maybe her bun makes her look taller and I’m just tripping lol but you’re right.

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I think it’s the hair

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At least I know I’m not going crazy lol

Yeah it’s the hair, a character of mine is short and sometimes wears the bun too so I check the shoulders and forehead to get her height right.