Why is it saying my background doesnt exist

i have TWO backgrounds trying to fix this but it didnt work, its trying to tell me that my background doesnt exist??!?!!? i dont know what to do!

You might be spelling it wrong.
Can I see a screenshot of your script and the background in the background section.

but its saying it doesnt exist and when i press preview it doesnt show up

When u use @pan or @cut, use numbers on the code, like this:

@pan to zone 2

@cut to zone 3

@ccrisan is right. Change the word into an actual number.
Btw, you can use a background while it’s in review. You can’t publish til it’s apporved, but you can definitely use.

ya its not allowing me to even preview it or use it

Did you change the command?

I think you put a space in between the INT. and LIVINGROOM and then the - and NIGHT

It says

INT. LIVINGROOM- NIGHT however if you uploaded background it says