Why is it so hard to find a writing partner?

Can someone explain? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I always find someone but a person lasts a day or less. I don’t want much, just someone who can hear me out and someone who can help me to place my ideas. I’m not doing a collab story, I’m searching for a consultant partner


Oh lmao I’ll be a person you can spill you’re ideas too…I’m on here like almost everyday all day.
I have no life in quarantine.
Maybe you can help me with my ideas also because I’m writing a story at the moment.


IDK. My writing partner is always available

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lol lucky u

Well, it’s hard for some people to commit. If you ask someone to be your writing partner, it’s best if you try to be the one to engage conversation. After a while when you know they’re engaged, you shouldn’t always have to be the one starting everything. That’s what I think, at least. I’m helping quite a few people with their stories at the moment, and I try to check in with them once a week if they don’t send me anything. You should try to reach out more often maybe. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault.
I hope you find someone soon! Good luck and happy writing! :slight_smile:

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Maybe when you ask for a writing partner people just assume that you want to co-write a story, at least that’s what I would think.

omg girl! i am willing to help! i have really good story ideas and in turn i can learn how to write and create a story from you as well!

If you want your answer from yourself I’d really just look at it psychologically. And if you think hard and complex enough about information you’d have stored in your head, you can figure it out.

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