Why is it taking Episode so long to approve overlays, backgrounds, etc

Hi, and I’m awaiting approval for some overlays and I uploaded them this past Sunday and they haven’t been approved, so I’m wondering why is it taking so long?


Maximum a week …
Minimum a few hours


I had a cover that took three weeks to get approved. That was super annoying. And backgrounds that took two weeks. So yeah, idek man.

usually mine take a day or like 12 hours, maybe they are a bit more complex?

My overlays aren’t that complex. The thing is that I uploaded them this past Sunday and they still haven’t been approved.

They have alot of authors… so it takes them months to approve everything

It’s honestly always different, sometimes my background/overlays get approved in 1 day, others take weeks, maybe lots of people are waiting for their backgrounds to get reviewed because of the contest, everyone wants to make sure they have the backgrounds approved before the deadline, but then again I’m not entirely sure…

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Is Episode having a contest right now?

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Yes, the Own Voices Writer’s Contest!

Ik right. It took 2 in a half weeks to approve my backgrounds. I still have some that are waiting. The beginning of the month I would have it be approved that day or the next. Now it’s like 2-3 weeks.


It’s probably because of a contest going on, and from what I noticed it’s taking longer than normal to get anything approved.

It will be approved soon

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I don’t get it either. I have to put my writing on temporary hold when it happens.

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