Why is LL harder to write?


Just thought about this after @Sanityyy and @amberose said that its easier to write in INK than Limelight. And I agree! For some reason- Limelight just takes more time to code. I’ve actually proven this by myself (wrote a scene in both styles to decide which one suits the story, LL won but it took hella time…)

So, does anyone have any idea on why it is harder? :thinking:


I don’t find it a lot harder, but it’s more fiddly. It feels like the majority of the LL talking animations are on a loop so you need to put in a code to stop them. You also need to spot direct the male (or female) characters since they’re shorter than the females and it looks weird.
It could simply be because you’re not used to the animations? I actually think I’m quicker in LL now.


For me, it is because of animations.


I don’t know… I memorized most common animations but it still feels unusual. Maybe its because theres more animations in LL, I sometimes get indecisive…

By the way, did anyone try the 2 animations in one dialogue in LL? I remember trying it but it didn’t work out


Like @EliseC and @Kaci.Episode said, I think it’s the animations. For me it’s finding the right animations and also the fact that many of the talking animations loop and have to be manually stopped.
I am trying to rewrite a few of my stories in LL but am held back because Episode still hasn’t released some assets that would be essential to the LL version (male prison clothing).


They are a pain in the bum. Whos idea was it to make the loops?!

(And it takes more data to load)


I’ve just started doing ink again after my ll story and I’m not quite sure why but I prefer working with lime light
I do agree it takes more time and I don’t know wether this is because there are
More options or it’s a newer style so it has to look perfect
I agree it takes more time sadly I get a better outcome with lime light lol xx


Yeah, but I feel like the animations are little bit shifty (?) And too many to pick… I wish we had that variety in clothes…


LL gives an amazing outcome, the features really make you feel like its a movie. But the coding is brain-hurting and we dont even know why!


I’ve always thought it was because I feel inclined to spot direct every scene due to males being shorter by default! The looping animations have never bothered me that much when I direct… Just the height thing… Oh and the walking animations look hella awkward!


Ye it’s like even though it’s the same coding structure if you add in the clothing making and going through all the animations it all adds up to a long but good outcome


I agree, the height thing is really annoying but this might be disappointing to some but if you make the male too high, it looks unrealistic. For some reason the males are shaped like squares and females are rectangles :upside_down_face:


When I’m really, really lazy and using the default positions, I just put the male at size 1.319 and approximate the x position (I believe screen left is 50, screen right is 270 and then I figure it out from there lol). It usually looks good enough that I don’t need to spot him later :joy::see_no_evil:


It takes more data too. And I know that some heavy directed scenes do crash on phones. (Literally… why did they implement this)


My last… three (?) stories have all been in LL so I guess I’m just used to it now :joy:. I don’t know all the animations off by heart, but I actually think I have a better idea of what exists for LL than I do for INK now.
And… I’m not sure if I’ve tried that :thinking:. Maybe it’s a bit hard since a lot of the animations are quite long?


I know right it’s really bad how much it crashes


I agree with how the spot directing is terrible it’s like by putting heels on it makes it into real life where the girl gets really tall


I will try it once I have time but I think it doesnt work. Maybe its the reason why I hate writing in LL lol


Ugh! I wish I could remember the placements well enough to do that… WAIT… bookmarks this post :bulb:


Lol you could make flash cards or something :joy: or write them all on a sticky note and stick it to your computer ahahha.