Why is my friend such a...?

No people I am not slut-shaming or whateva. But srsly, my best friend, who I love to bits, is so careless with who she … with. We have a group of the same close friends, and pretty much all of them are in relationships, when one of my friend is gone she’ll happily flirt with their boyfriend. I couldn’t give a fuck about flirting, but when it’s your best friend’s boyfriend… that’s wrong. Usually the boys will know what’s happening and avoid talking to her, but what if I say she is trying to steal the guy I have my eyes on?! This boy and I have been on and off for a year and a half, not in a serious relationship, but we definitely have something going on, my friend doesn’t seem to care and is trying to “seduce” him. At first it wasn’t working, but now I feel like it is, I’m not much of a flirter, I just thought our friendship meant more and that it would click in her brain. I’m not angry at the boy, like they can fuck about with each other, it just pisses me off when my best friend denies trying to get all “close” with him. If you like him, admit it. Am I the only one who has this friend, or do you?


She can not have your man .that you man what wrong with your friend. Try get your man she can’t not him she leave your man along.that wrong to she not your best friend. At all.i same thing happened to me.


that is wrong. she is not a good friend. because a good friend would not flirt with other peopls boy/girlfriend. actually any normal person would not do it. so something is clerly wrong

it can somethign bad and mental and she is a crazy one. she can also just be a drama seeker or jeleous. but no matter what . what she is doing is wrong and it need to stop. you need to talk with all she is doing it too and then they with her. but all need to do it alone because els she will say you gang op on her.


Oh god, I had this friend and I still do :woman_facepalming:t2:, you really needa leave her or whatever coz that ain’t a true friend if she tryna take ya manz. I feel like you should talk to the boy you have an on and off relationship because I feel like he might understand that he shouldn’t be around her and such when she’s tryna be all flirty and stuff coz he might understand what’s right and wrong where on the other hand she might not.


omg the same happened to you? Girrrl

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I guess she can be pretty dramatic, we have so much history, I’m scared of loosing it lol.

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you’re right, I should try speaking to him about it, maybe warn him about what she is tryna do.


Yes same happened to me to

Yes exactly coz he’ll understand and do what u say unlike her

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f history. no matter how long you know them if a friend is toxic you should just cut them out.

no friends is better than toxic friends

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