Why is my if/elif/else being skipped?

This coding is perfect there are absolutly no errors but it won’t go to this remembrance choice at all, it just keeps going straight to the end. Why? Please Help!!


if (GENDER is Iris) {
if (PowerFemale is Generalist) {
@MR JAMES walks to spot 0.203 173 404 in zone 3 in 2
@MR JAMES faces left
MR JAMES (talk_think_neutral)
We have quite the exciting crop of students this year!
MR JAMES (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Each one of you will dive into the wonders of magic all around us!
&MR JAMES is react_bouquet_smell_happy
@MR JAMES changes hairColor into Pastel Blue

@pause for 100000

are you in a diffrent chapter from when you pick, because the portal can not remember choices between chapters.

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No im in the same chapter

it can be multiple reason, do you use gain or choice.

have you refresh and not pick the choice. or have you replayed and got both gains

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I use choice and I have tried restarting and pick the ones I want to go to but it will just skip right over it

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I think your mistake is you wrote it wrong.

if it is gain it shall look like this

gain Iris

if (Iris) {

where if it is choice like this

choice (GENDER )
“Iris” {

if (GENDER is “Iris”){

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See its both remembering not a choice and a remembering

You lost me, what do you mean?

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Lol so I already had the choice, now this is to remembering the choice and the power they chose, so its trying to remembering two choices at once. And I have done it before and haven’t had this problem

I showed the choice as example of how it shall look

this is the if you are missing “” in yours, so that it was easy to understand

you are missing “” in yours

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Oh gotcha!!!

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Does this one need to “” as well?

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Thank you so much!! It worked!!

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yes, its for all choices

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Thank you!! You are a life saver!!!

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happy to help

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