Why is my outfit maker glitchy?

The question is in the title
but more info: when i search up something it takes a long time to load and Same with clicking someone. Is this a bug or a glitch?

Have you tried closing down and re-opening the page?

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yes :slight_smile: It has been doing this for a couple weeks now

Weeks! Probably not a good sign. Is the problem only on the episode site, or across multiple platforms?


Episode site

Okay, well maybe try and close everything down on your laptop (or whatever device you are using), and just shut it all down. Sometimes they need to just be turned off and on. :woman_shrugging:
I’ve had a glitchy writers portal before and this worked for me. However if it’s still not working properly, report the bug to episode.

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I will just report the bug to episode :relaxed:

Alright, I hope it gets fixed :heart:

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thank you :slight_smile:

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@Sydney_H you may close this

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Can you describe exactly what you mean by glitchy? I might be able to help

My outfit creator always takes around five seconds for a clothing item to load

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Manley the whole thing

  • like the search bar
  • the outfits (clicking on them)

If your search bar doesn’t display the word immediately, and pauses for a second, that’s normal. I have that too

But idk about the outfits

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: