Why is my trashy story getting more reads?


Why is it that my trashy story about strippers with bad directing and multiple plot holes that I basically only made to test out the episode portal is getting more reads than a story I genuinely like writing about? Is this what readers really want? :sweat_smile: :joy:

How does a user story get picked to be featured on a shelf?

Don’t worry. While trashy stories tend to be popular, there are many, many people that avoid such things like the plague.

“Quohog. his x mark.”


I think so. My first story was published with very basic directing, very short episodes and quite a cliche plot and it got a lot of reads. I don’t think it is that bad, but it gets entertaining somewhere in the later chapters. I started to revamp the first episodes, but didn’t get far with that. And the weirdest thing is whenever I tried something non-cliche in a new episode I literally lost followers :smiley:
Besides this I know I put much more effort from the beginning into my other two stories, but people are still reading the first one, which was completed like 5 months ago.


Same here, I have this story named Gangsta and it’s HORRIBLE. (It has 14,000 reads.) At the time when I thought of the idea, it seemed cool. (I created it when I first began episode.) It’s about the MC and her best friend getting kidnapped by these 2 guys who some kind of stripper company. Stockholm Syndrome also has a part in this story. My story could be better but I really don’t feel like going back and editing things even though I should. Episode messed around with my chapters and I really don’t feel like going back to fix. That’ll be A LOT of work. I was thinking about discontinuing it but my fans are sending me fanmail saying that they love my story and etc. So, I agreed to keep writing it and I’m trying to make each chapter interesting. Wow, I wrote a lot. My apologies! :relaxed:


I’d like to ask everyone here a question, without any judgment, I’m just genuinely curious: Why do you write and publish these stories that you yourselves find trashy and/or cliché? :sweat_smile: Is it because you didn’t think of them like that at the time?


For my first story it was just to test the water for the second one I put so much effort into it that it upset me when I realised how bad it actually was but I somehow got some reads so idk it might be a confidence thing.


haha i basically started out my story to test out the portal and learn on it. I decided to make my mc a stripper because it sounded fun at the time and i thought i could add more depth to it. After two episodes I realized I wanted to write something with better directing and more action but since i already wrote it i decided to publish it because why not?. LOL :joy:


Yeah…my story didn’t see trashy/cliche at the time but then I decided to re-read my entire book and I wanted to jump off the nearest cliff into a ocean full of different sharks. That’s how bad my story is lmao. :joy:


also this story doesnt really have that many reads on it but its growing much faster than the story i actually like writing about lol


One’s trash is another’s treasure.


@Eleanor_W-15 I see (: And when you say it’s a confidence thing, are you referring to the number of reads, the fan mail, or both? Does that push you to keep writing a story that you might not be happy with?

@episodereaderfan From what I’ve gathered so far, it seems like most people do it just for fun and to test out the Writer’s Portal. Then their story somehow gets more popular than a story that takes a lot more work to write. Maybe it’s something with Episode’s current target audience? It’s the weirdest thing :’)

@DuhTacos God damn :joy: Well, I think that’s just part of being in a creative field… The cringe when looking at your previous works is always tough but somewhat worth it. I think I can definitely relate to that feeling!

@Lemniscate ← Too wise for this community :’)


For me it was number of reads then I started getting abuse in fan mail. It didn’t bother me it just demotivated me into continuing the story so I discontinued both of them because I realised I agreed with the trolls on how bad it was. It pushed me to learn more about coding and better plot lines in order to develop myself as an author. I can now code much better.


Ouch… That sucks, people in the fan mail can be really harsh for no reason. But I’m really glad that you didn’t let that abuse get to you to the point of quitting. Learning from your downfalls: a great way to better yourself :blush: Congrats!


Honestly my first story was born from randomly written dialogues and scenes that I found funny. I liked my characters too but something was missing: the story :smile:
I published it because it was fun to write and I thought I would get somewhere with it in the meantime. But if you asked me what was it about, I probably couldn’t give an exact answer even now that it is completed. At that time I rarely had any idea what I would do with an upcoming chapter, while now I’m on episode 5 with my new story and I already know how it will end. I’m not ashamed of that “cliche” story though, I’m actually proud of myself that I could finish it somehow :smiley:


Since ya’ll talking about fanmail, I want to say something relating to @Eleanor_W-15. I forgot which story it was but I was replying to my fanmail when one said ‘CONTINUE THIS STORY OR I’LL KILL YOU’. I didn’t take it literally I just laughed it off and replied with, ‘I will continue this story, you don’t have to try and kill me. lmao.’ Messages like that or related to those don’t bother me. When they say things like that, it makes me laugh. A lot of people on the internet are just all talk. :roll_eyes:


I had a fanmail that was the opposite. They threatened to kill themselves. I believe I answered like ‘this is serious. Please don’t message me things like this. I will report the next one.’ What did they think I would say? Beg them not to? Like damn, kid.


Woah, I like how you handled the situation, I mean those that type of stuff is serious but that person just probably wanted attention. I’ve came across people like that, smh.


No one here seems to have planned their story before starting to write them, right? I personally make a really detailed plan of everything that will be featured in my stories before I even think of writing the first draft :slight_smile: I could never start writing the story without at least knowing its main events and how it’ll end.

@Annieways That’s actually kind of interesting :3 Do you think you could sort of call it a “Slice of life”? And you’re right about feeling proud to finish a project. Most of the time it’s so hard to finish a story, even if you’ve been at it for a while.

@DuhTacos They really are! I think the ones that can really get under your skin are less the empty fan mail death threats like that and more the ones where they tell you how much your story sucks despite how much hard work you’ve put into it. Ugh, and don’t get me started on those “more sex scenes plzzzz! I want to f~ck [insert male character here] and [insert father figure character here]” and “why is [insert male character here] not a romance choice?” or “i’m telling all my followers not to read your story if you don’t update in the next week, b~tch!!!”

Of course, all we can really do is get some thicker skin, unfortunately. You’ve also got some extreme and disturbing cases like @HumanBean mentioned, and in that case, what the hell are we supposed to say?! :cold_sweat:


Yes, you could call it a “slice of life” I guess, it fits better than a “story” :smiley:
Well, this won’t be my life’s project for sure and since I didn’t know what I was writing about, I was rather proud of the fact I could close it somehow, but thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I find a lot of those type of stories in the trending section. While they may be popular, not everyone likes them.