Why is the guy not following my command?

@ZANE is supposed to be behind @JASPER but he keeps going in front and I sent him to the back, help, please!

For Zane use…

@ZANE spot 1.280 253 -9 in zone 1 and ZANE moves to layer 1

For Jasper use…

@JASPER spot 1.280 292 -3 in zone 1 and JASPER moves to layer 2

The reason he’s not following your command:
You changed his layering in the portal, but you didn’t input it in your script, so it goes back to its default. Sometimes the default places them how you want them, as seen on the left, but sometimes, most times, it doesn’t. As seen on the right.


Ohh omg thanks, i totally forgot I had to do that!

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