Why is the music on Episode not working?

When looking at my story through the app and reading stories that I know use music, the music won’t play. I have my ringer on so I know that isn’t the problem. Whenever I plug headphones into my phone or restart the app, the music starts working but only for like 5 seconds. The sound works fine, but not the music. I need to have the story music on so I can have the full experience. Does anyone know why this is happening?


Also when I close the app and cone back, the music will play. But when it switches to another song, it stops working.

submit a ticket to the team, this always happens when the music stops. Or maybe there could be an error in script but just send a ticket to the team.


Could you show me a picture of where you have the music?

Here’s where the music is in the script. It doesn’t just happen in my own story though

u need to add music off for the other music to play

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so it happens to other stories, yeah maybe its a glitch. hm

Idk what’s going on, but I sent a support ticket

Omg! I have this happen too. But then I’ll go back the next day, and it works.

You need to put the volume of the music, like this volume music 80 2000.

Yeah has to do with the app. Has happened to me but it fixed itself eventually but it was annoying

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The music fixed itself. Can someone close this thread?

I’m having problems with the music whenever I’m playing. I always use the buttons and always make sure that the phone is not flipped to silent. The music doesn’t play. For information purposes, I use an Iphone 7s plus

I’ve had the same problem for a couple of weeks now…
I use an iPhone X

Same thing is happening. I noticed music is not playing on any stories anymore and I know those stories has music in it. I went to every story possible that uses music, and it doesn’t play anymore. Only the sound. I have 3 phones signed in to the same account for Episode. I’m just wondering if that’s what’s causing the problem.