Why Is This An Error?



There is an error in my script for this one line, can someone please explain to me the error? Like it keeps telling me to add stuff and I do, but it doesn’t change that there is an error. Here’s the line- @follow MC to spot 215 216 in zone 3 AND MC does it while walk_box_neutral_loop in 2.5


I think it’s @MC walks to spot 215 215 (another number goes here) in zone 3 AND MC does it while walk_box_neutral_loop in 2.5


You Can’t follow to a spot!


It well be a little off but after you put were you want them to go pan to the zone.


Thanks! It really sucks that you can’t follow to a spot tho :disappointed:


You’re welcome. I had this problem and didn’t know and had to ask also and someone told me that was why! It sucks…


Okay so that’s a lot of errors on one line lol

1- You cannot use the follow command to a spot. Instead you will need to pan to the zone at the same time your character walks.

2- When you use spot direction, you always need the scale and x and y coordinates together: CHARACTER spot [scale] x y

3- The time needs to be right after the walking command

So it should look like this:

&pan to zone 3 in [time]
@MC walks to spot [scale] 215 216 in zone 3 in 2.5 and MC does it while walk_box_neutral_loop


Dara.Amarie your a goddess, you help so many people and you have a bunch of writing tips for people. Plus you take your time to help people (such as myself) with their portal issues. I praise you :bowing_woman: Thank you SOOOOOO much for all the help your giving me and other people in this community :sob: :sparkling_heart: