Why is this bar overlay so hard

So I put a bar overlay with the background.I put the characters in the right place and then copy what I need and then paste it then for no reason after I save it,Then the character just ends up behind the overlay AND I DIDN’T EVEN PUT IT THERE!!!I have no errors

(this is how I put it)

(And this is how they put it after I saved it.)

Try and move James to a layer.

Ex for code:
&JAMES moves to layer 5
@JAMES enters from right to screen center

Try different layers, I’m pretty sure it’s that!
(I think something like layer 5 will work though. Not totally sure because I can’t test it out right now.)

Okay that fixed the problem of him being behind her but he’s not infront of the overlay

In the code it says James is also at layer 0. Try getting rid of that, I think that’s the problem.

Still the same

Try doing this for the title of the scene:

INT. BAR - DAY with BAR DESK1 at layer 3

It has something to do with layers. It has to be this I think!

omg thank you it worked!!!

Try this:
INT. BAR - DAY with BAR DESK1 to 2.854 -16 -1 at layer 1
&zoom on 318 408 to 112% in 0
&LIZ spot 1.385 189 -6 at layer 2 AND LIZ is tinker_loop_rear

2 years ago, I used to work at this bar.
I’ve been working here for a year.
But one day, I had this customer.

@JAMES enters from right to screen center AND JAMES moves to layer 3
@JAMES starts rear
JAMES (talk_rear)
Are you guys still open?

Of course, glad I could help!