Why is this happening? pls helpp x


Heres my script.

INT. CONNOR1 with CONNOR at layer 1
&overlay 4540228556423168_CONNOR shifts to -1 -7
&overlay 4540228556423168_CONNOR scales to 0.874 0.874
&CONNOR spot 1.250 306 -425
(That bastard getting what he deserves.)

@PARAMEDIC changes into PARAMEDIC_defualt
@PARA changes into paramedic_male
@AYA changes into PARAMEDIC_defualt
@PARAMEDIC spot 1.744 407 -154 and PARAMEDIC moves to layer -9
@PARA spot 2.273 412 -587 and PARA moves to layer 9
@AYA spot 1.744 -100 -17 and AYA moves to layer -9

&AYA walks to spot 1.744 45 -176 in 2 and AYA is run_athletic THEN AYA is talk_mindblown
&PARAMEDIC walks to spot 1.744 178 -172 in 2 and PARAMEDIC is run_athletic THEN PARAMEDIC is deepbreath THEN PARAMEDIC is talk_unsure
&PARA walks to spot 2.273 179 -554 in 2 and PARA is run_athletic THEN PARA faces right and PARA is tinker_loop_rear

I’m guessig there is a typo in the lines below:

@AYA changes into PARAMEDIC_defualt

@PARAMEDIC changes into PARAMEDIC_defualt

Check your outfit names.

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Yeah that was it, I spelt default wrong. :smiley:

thank you so much x

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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