Why is this happening?!?!?!


My background exits and its in the art catalog, no i didnt mispell it or anything. Honestly, im so frustrated.


Did you misspell the outfit for Romeo? Is it “Romeos Uniform” or “Romeos uniform”?


I got it, I just had to shut down my entire tab…


Okay awesome. :slight_smile: Happy writing. :heart:


hi do you know how too have a character already in the room doing an action when you main character enters?


&CHARACTER1 stands screen center AND CHARACTER1 is animation
@CHARACTER2 enters from right to screen left

or with spot directing:
&CHARACTER1 spot X Y AND CHARACTER1 is animation
And then let the other character enter the scene. :slight_smile:


Closing as the original question seems to have been answered :slight_smile: Cheers!