Why is this happening? -.-


OMG! This is so annoying I’m working on this one fucking scene whole 2 hours.HOW TO FIX THIS??


If you’re trying to get your characters to hug, one of them needs to do the rear hugging animation


Uploading… THis happens after,iam trying to put them in their position without this weir after hug thing



Make the dude face the other way


Change the guy face position



It’s still happening


He should be facing right when they hug


And where should I put him facing left?


He shouldn’t be facing left at all.


I’m confused :frowning: I will put facing right but It will still give me the same weird after hug thing


What exactly are you trying to do? What problem are you having?


after a hug I want my character to go back to screen left but He does this weird hug thing


Just make him idle. A character will stay in the last position of the last animation they did until you make them do another animation.


Thank you SO much !!