Why is this rejected?

Why was this car overlay rejected? Please help me find the reason so that I can fix it :heart:

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i think it’s because there is an actual brand on it and copyright


I’m pretty sure it’s because of the brand, you’ll have to edit it mostly :heart:


Ugh I’m not good at car brands at all. I’ve searched the google though and I found none to be like this one :weary:


maybe search “animated”? i’m not sure :sweat_smile:
but maybe search from overlay websites?

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What should I be looking at “animated”?

I can see this car brand is not Mazda, Citroen, Toyota or any similar.
So which one is it?

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i’m not sure :sweat_smile:
thing is there’s a lot of car brands in the world that we may not know about, soooo it may be an actual car brand and the talk of copyright comes in

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Just cover the logo.


Okay I just got the answer.

3d models creators don’t use real brands logos. This one is made up, fictive, not real.

How should I solve this?

So… For now we now that the logo is not breaking the rules. Then what is the reason for rejection?

Episode may not realise that this is not breaking the rules and maybe uneducated on car brands. This could still be the reason for rejection, did they not leave a message on your email?


A solution is to colour out the brand and the car number
Idk if it’ll work but it’s worth a try :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I edited out the logo and license. Try this.


Please don’t edit it. I know you’re trying to help! :heart:
But i can do it myself as I’m the one who’s creating it.

The issue is not the brand logo. Must be something else.

it is the brand logo because it is a company logo.


that’s perfect.


Still, just edit out the logo because they think its belongs to brand/company. all cars have logos on them, just edit them out.


They probably think it’s a real logo.
I had something flagged once because they thought I had a Playstation with a logo on it in the background. It was actually their playstation taken from an official background lol (with a fake logo). Just remove the logo or send a support ticket to say it’s a fake logo (basically what I did and it got approved).

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we’re not sure if it is or not :sweat_smile: there are about 190 countries and a whole lot of brands we may not know about, so it’s best if we upload overlays that don’t include any brands or numbers.

people from everywhere in the world play episode and plagiarism is a really bad thing :sweat_smile:
anyway, nobody can be sure, so… yeah…