Why Is Troublemaker So Poorly Directed?


Can we please talk about how poorly directed Troublemaker is? Like all Episode Originals are like directed beautifully even if the storylines aren’t that stellar. The emotions don’t match like this scene when her boyfriend was kidnapped she was all smiling in happy wtf. Like the characters pop up in the scene. Wtf…


I can’t say much because I didn’t even finish it when I read it that one time months ago… but yeah… It’s not the greatest book on the shelf.
I kinda kept reading just to figure out why this was a featured story, and eventually couldn’t take it anymore so went back to user stories.


Maybe Episode didn’t get as involved with it as with other Featured stories?


Possibly? I think it’s just a very old featured story, and as much as featured stories still have plots that make no sense and move too quickly, the ones being released now also have great directing. Troublemaker was just mediocre directing with an unrealistic plot and really has nothing going for it

4 months later… Why wasn’t this thread closed for being inactive? Lol


I think the limit’s now 6 months