Why isn’t my character running?

My character is just running in place and not running to the spot.

Ive looked up how to do it. Am I doing something wrong? (Btw it does the same thing when I use “does it while”)

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Are they already in screen or are they entering the scene

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i think they are either both. are u trying to make the character enter? or u want the character already in the scene but walking to a spot?

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they are already in the scene and I would like them to run to a spot

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is there any other errors besides this one? this looks correct.

if She’s just entering the screen then it might not be working. If she’s entering the screen you’ll want to put her at an offscreen spot
You might want to also change the is run to
AND CHARACTER does it while

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Idk if this will help but:

@Character walks to spot 0.75 237 249 in zone 1 in 5
@Character starts run_athletic

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Make sure you add the zone placement if it’s more than one zone in your background. And play around with the run animation to a different one, one of them does only run in place like that.

I got it, thank you all.

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