Why isn’t my overlay spinning?

I’m trying to rotate an overlay infinitely but it’s not spinning for some reason and I’m not sure why. Any help is appreciated. Here’s my code:

Thanks in advance :hugs:

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Hey girl!

I’m sorry, but I can’t cord or something :anguished:

But you can sent a request at this Art Shop:
:purple_heart: Enigma Art Shop :purple_heart: OPEN
The girls on this Art Shop (who can help you) would love to help! :hugs:

I know that @Superpup (also a member of that Art Shop) good is in cording and making script templates, but there are also more girls who can help you!

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I think that the word infinite has to be in all caps. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


It’s still not working…

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You have a typo on line 545 you wrote SWILRY when it should be SWIRLY and the same typo on 539

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do you have any error mesage?

I do not see mistake but it’s weird that the word ROEN is violet…it looks like if the script thinks it is a character and not an overlay (I have never seen this).

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I don’t know how I didn’t see that! Tysm! :sparkling_heart:

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It’s a character in my story. I use their names when using skin overlays that are used for them. Thanks :purple_heart:

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