Why isn’t this working?

I’m trying help another user with a mini game. I’ve only got to uploading the overlays and putting a little narration in so I can veiw the overlays (this does work as I use this strategy when making any games. But for some reason it’s not working???
I’m getting the normal error about my overlays currently not being approved but this doesn’t effect me viewing them.

But as you can see the background and overlays are not showing at all…

Have you tried resetting the zoom?

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And it the background spelt correctly? It should be in italics.

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Yeah still nothing :confused:

You used wrong punctuation in the background name. Copy and Paste the Name

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Thanks guys unfortunately I’m working on the portal via my phone and can’t copy and paste :frowning:

You just need a space either side of the dash :blush:
And after EXT.

Brilliant thanks :grin:

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