Why isn't gem choice working when I add it in my script and then play that episode? It works in preview, but not when someone actually reads it



So I need gem chocies in my story, and i directed it right. It works all well in preview, but when the readers are reading it, it won’t show as a gem choice.
Please help me!


are their any errors in yr script? or maybe its a glitch.


Can you supply us with a copy/paste of the code you are using? :nerd_face::thinking:


Oki :slight_smile:


No, there’s no errors. It does work in the preview, but not when readers are playing it.


Is there suppose to be a < GEM> tag (without the space) On one of your choices? Sorry if I’m wrong :see_no_evil:


Hi. I’m not sure, let me check real quick :slight_smile:


< GEMS>”choice 1”{
Scene here
“Choice 2”{
Scene here

I’m only going by the guides I don’t actually know if this works as I’ve never used them lol


LOL, thank you! :slight_smile:


It won’t work if I have space :):sweat_smile:


Yeah you need to delete the space. Won’t let you post on here without the space :joy:


But I don’t have space :joy:


I think it’s a glitch. It does work in preview but not when someone actually reads it.


Is it published? I’ve just read that it may not show on the app when you test it. But will be fine on web preview. It’s its published and not showing I would send a support ticket to episode


Yeah the story is published. It works on the app when I test it and the web previewer too, but not when I read the published version. And my reader said it too.


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