Why Isn't INK Being Updated?

Hi, I’m Maya.
I’ve been writing stories using INK for as long as I can remember and I’ve been a part of the Episode community for many years. I hate the fact that INK doesn’t get any new features and a lot of stories that were written in INK are now discontinued and got turned into Limelight just because Episode update only on LL. For example, in LL you get the freedom to choose any body shape you want and even have different tattoos. INK, however? One tattoo for males and one body shape for both genders.


this is the answer Liz gave


wait why am I only now seeing this lmao


You’re not the only one, there might be others who don’t know about it either, so you’re not alone. lol


I’m glad they finally are updating ink

wait they are??

They’re not updating it

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No, they’re not updating it.

UPDATE: The last Ink update was released in September of 2018. There are no more Ink updates coming.

So, they are currently more focused on Limelight now. Ink is over. But they are not shutting it down. You can continue to write stories in Ink, it just won’t be updated anymore.

This kinda makes me sad. I joined Episode where Ink was used. There wasn’t even limelight before and when LL came out I remember most of the people hated it. Ink you will be missed. Forever will love Ink. :broken_heart:


I was upset when I found out they wouldn’t update Ink style anymore. I never wrote in Ink, but Action and Comedy are 2 genres that I’ll always enjoy in Ink more. Not forgetting to mention the amount of hardwork the authors put in with Overlays and filters in Ink stories and that’s 100x more pleasing visually.

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Imagine if they didn’t gatekeep INK clothing from gem choices.Y’know as if anyone cares about the exclusivity of a random dress that was a gem choice 6 years ago.
Also they never bothered to fix bugs before discontinuing it.

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Did you hear about the bug that’s been going around? for some reason when a character does an (existing) animation it will give them a warning. I’m wondering if this happens to both LL and INK writers or only INK. Hope they fix it though.

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Oh it has been happening with me (LL style) mostly with dance animations

It happens in INK when I use bow and curtsey

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