Why isn't it not working? Any ideas?

Basically the layering isn’t working. I want the short girl to hug the large one but the short one is going to it’s back I did change their layers multiple times but no effect. Any idea what to do?


&ARIA moves to layer 0 AND MIA moves to layer 1

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didn’t work

Be sure to add “moves” to the code.

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Sorry just noticed :sweat_smile: thank you very much :heart::heart:

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No problem~☆

Hi probably the wrong place to post this;
but can any of yous help me please.

I’ve been trying for the last 2 hours on my mobile phone and tablet to some how create a story. But its not working.
And now I am on my laptop, and ive gone o the episode interactive page where I can log in to start creating my own story… But it just redirects me!!! SEND ME HELP PLSSSS xoxoxox
I just want to be able to create a story.

Where does it redirect you to?

The same page of the episode homepage?? I am unsure.

When you click create a story it should automatically scroll you down the page to the option to create an account using either Google or Facebook. Has it done that to you?

Yes its done that, and i’ve clicked log in like thousand times and it doesnt even log in. Im sooooo confused

So im in. Logged in, But not too my account on my phone.???
Its a different account???

Okay, I tried it out for myself and it gives you the option to sign in with any of your Google accounts (if you chose Google to sign in with)

Are you on a page that looks like this?

Because there may be a chance it created an account for you already but it just glitched out so you didnt know.

Yeah my page is on that. But i had to click on log in with facebook for it to actually work and log me in. When i tried to sign in with my google account the one i use on my phone it didnt work. However the facebook one uses the same email as the email account for google i use on my phone.??? I dont want to have to start from beginning on my stories because on my phone i paid like eight pounds for no ads and ulimited tickets on my phone

I’ve never logged in with Facebook before, but I believe if the Google account email is the same as the Facebook email then it’s just one account made since they’re the same you get me?

ok thank you so much for your help im sure ill figure it out!! xx

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Good luck!

If push comes to shove you can always contact Pocket Gems Support

Closed: Marked as solved by op @Rand.Episode :v: