Why isn't my character changing?

Can someone please tell me why my character isn’t changing? She is supposed to be wearing a red varsity jersey and black leggings combo but she isn’t and I don’t know why? And yes the command is in the script.

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Could you send your script that might help;)

Hi, this is the script for the scene:

@transition curtain in_left black in 2
@transition curtain out_left black in 2
@HANNA changes into Hanna Kat Jersey
@HANNA changes into Long High Ponytail
@pan to zone 3 in 3
@pan to zone 2
@HANNA stands screen center in zone 1 AND ANWEN stands screen right in zone 3
sound door_knock
@pause for a beat
@HANNA walks to screen center in zone 3 in 4

Hi Hanna

Hey Annie

Is that Kat's jacket?

Yeah, I wanted to wear it today, anyway, come on in.

@HANNA walks to screen center in zone 2 in 3
@HANNA faces right AND ANWEN walks to screen right in zone 2 in 3

    ANWEN (talk_think_neutral)
Where's your mum?

@HANNA is laugh_giggle

    ANWEN (talk_shrug_neutral)
What is it?

    HANNA (talk_smile_happy_loop)
I love that you say mum

    ANWEN (talk_apathetic)
Well you can blame my Indian adopted mother who grew up in England for that one.

@HANNA is laugh_chuckle

    HANNA (talk_neutral)
Come on, follow me.

@HANNA exits left AND ANWEN exits left

I am not a expert when it comes to coding!
But @Apes or @Dara.Amarie might be able to help;)


Thank you @Aerial_author for trying :slight_smile:

@Apes or @Dara.Amarie could you please help me with this issue, i just don’t understand why my character’s outfit is not appearing when I play the scene through on the app?

You changed her twice?

I just noticed thanks, I forgot to say changes hair on the second command there, I’m an idiot, thank you :slight_smile: xx

It’s ok! We all making stupid mistakes sometimes :laughing:


I seem to make a lot of them :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: