Why isn't my overlay removing from the scene please help!

Heyyy, so I tried everything to get my overlay removed by using the commands I seen that @Dara.Amarie provided, but it’s not working. Here’s the thing I writing on my computer and using the portal to write, but before that I use the command to clear all the overlays off the scene. But, only one of them stayed and I tried using the “directing helper” and clicked on “overlay helper” and it doesn’t wanna even move like it’s stuck or something.

The commands I tried to use to clear the overlay were:
@/&remove overlay CHOKING OVERLAY CLOSED

This is what it looks like in the mobile when I played it:* :sob:

None of them worked, so know I’m stuck again. PLEASE HELP!!! :sob: :sob: :heart:

are you sure that name of your overlay is not misspelled? Maybe try opacity 0 in 0 and see if that will help?

Make sure the name of the overlay is correct. Usually, whenever an overlay does not work, it’s because the name is misspelled.

Other than that, these must work:
&overlay NAME clear
&overlay NAME opacity 0

Nope I tried it so many times it doesnt even show that their is no overlay in the scene look:

I tried that right now its not its like its stuck :exploding_head:

Wait, are you using @/& as the actual command and not only using one of them?

Can you show your code? Did you try update your story and check on the app? :thinking:

Yep I did and my script okay hold on

So here’s have of it when I’m trying to remove that overlay its still on screen :sweat:

remove command won’t work

Try this one again:


I already tried that but I’ll try it again :sweat_smile:

Yep it still doesn’t work :sweat:


delete them and try

@clearall overlay

It will delete all your overlays in the scene, try to check it on your app.

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So can I delete all of the commands and just use that one??? :thinking:

yes :slight_smile:

Okay I’ll do it and see if it works fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Omg its not working :sob:

OMG seriously :joy: what is wrong with this!?
Did you check on the app?

Yeh I checked it oml :sweat_smile: