Why isn't my overlay showing up...please help

I have done everything

Including scaling to see it

I even tried a diff background and the words are red


Hey! I may be wrong, but a lot of people have trouble with overlays showing up on the black background. I suggest perhaps trying another background or maybe using the blue background and uploading a black overlay to place behind the overlay (it worked for me). My best guess is your coding is fine and it’s this glitch :slight_smile:

ty so much! I switched it and still nothing.

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A black overlay? Ohok

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have you tried adding a placement? like @overlay warning two shifts to 0 200

Yes, I have. I heard am suppose to upload a black overlay instead of just the bg

Let me know if it works—fingers crossed!

it worked babe!

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Yayyyyy! I’m so glad :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
All the best with your story, too :blush:

tyy so much ahah! I already have one out but trying to make my directing more complex. Insta: Mira_writes_epi

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