Why isn't the character walking with the pan?!?

Okay, so first, I put a zoom on the character’s legs, THEN the character walks to zone 2 while panning to zone 2, but the character walks ahead of the pan?? I don’t understand… :((

Here is some of the script I am having trouble with :frowning:

&ABRAHAM spot 1.208 73 173 in zone 1 AND ABRAHAM faces right
&zoom on 3 89 to 189% in 0
@transition fade in black 2
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
&ABRAHAM walks to spot 1.208 73 173 in zone 2 in 6 AND ABRAHAM faces right
@pan to zone 2 in 6

(btw sorry I don’t know why all the @'s are in bold)

it can be because of the zoom. When the animation and pan ends do you see him right on the screen or the camera is not aiming on the character?

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The camera is not aiming on the character :frowning_face:

Maybe the pan is just overall slower then the character walking speed? Try playing around with the seconds of the pan or of the char walking speed

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The character is walking in 6 seconds AND the pan is in 6 seconds, I’m so confused!! I even tried making the pan 8 seconds, then 3 seconds but nothing is working :thinking:

Maybe there is error in your script before the lines?

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I looked through the whole thing… Everything else is fine, it’s just this one part that’s messing up :frowning:

Try this ^^


I have no idea then, sorry.

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Oh finally!!! It worked!!! Thank you so much!! Also nice pfp, do you know why it has to be a different zoom?

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That’s okay thank you anyway

Some people like to do @zoom reset before they pan to another zone or you can do this trick: 🌹 HOW TO: Pan + Zoom at the same time + Extra Material 🌹

So basically, you’d need to write:

@cut to zone 2


Zoom into the the scene and copy the coordinates from zone 2 and then erase what you wrote.

Since your zoom is:

It’s going to:

As you can see it’s going from 3 to 320 (the fist number is increasing). The first number in the zoom controls the left to right direction. Lower numbers to the left (in zone 1) and higher numbers to the right (in zone 2, in zone 3, etc.)

Hope this makes sense, the thread I linked should help :sweat_smile:

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Ohhhhhh I get it now… Thank you so much this really helped a lot!

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Thread Op @Merf marked the thread closed :metal2: Thanks for the help @JemU776 @Farah_DeSantis @MoraTheMoron :yay: