Why isn't the overlay showing up in the preview?

Maybe it’s something wrong with my computer, or maybe it’s a bug, I’m not sure, but the overlay isn’t showing up when I click on the button to preview my story!!! And the opacity is at 1. I don’t know what to do :((

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Can you show your script please?

Yes sorry, here it is:


@overlay CAMP FIRE opacity 1

I mean like a screenshot of your script lol

The INT. BLACK backgrounds that Episode provides aren’t compatible with overlays. I have no idea why this is but your scene should work on any other background


Oh dang, really?? That’s odd

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Ohhhh yeah sorry here:

Wait what??? Really??? Wow… okay thank you!!!

Will it work if I upload my own black background?

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Oh that’s literally all you have. I was expecting more lol but I guess it’s prob what @amberose said. So try uploading your own black background instead


Dang I was getting so mad about this, thank you for trying to help though

Yes. I’ve uploaded my own and called it INT. VERY BLACK - DAY and that one works fine with overlays :slight_smile:


hey I used mine with the bar background but it didn’t work

Can you show me your script?


There’s two thinkgs wrong here:

  1. You need to add the opacity
    @overlay PJS opacity 1 in 0
  2. You spelled “overlay” incorrectly on line 236

Thanks that fixed it :two_hearts:

Hey…umm…I kinda need help again The other overlays are not showing up :sweat_smile:

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Are you creating these FROM the original overlay?

I don’t understand

oh no they are separate pics (PTJO1-4) that i want to layer on the first overlay (PTJS)