Why isn't this choice working?

Does anyone know why this choice isn’t working ?
Thanks :smiley:

i think you need a reference name
so something like


what is a reference name?:blush:

Check these threads out they talk about choice…

Thanks I tried them but now a different part isn’t working do you know why?

I think you don’t need the square brackets

Sorry to be a pain but I don’t think that’s working now it’s saying there’s a problem with the elif line

You need to put “Good riddance to him” { next to the “}” on top.
So it would be like this
} “Good riddance to him” {


Personally I’d do a different method…Like just write the piece of your story in the choice…It’s much easier

how would I do that?

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choice (DANIEL) “I wish I had” {
put the dialogue here instead of the if/else/elif
} “Good riddance to him” {
put dialogue here instead of if/else/elif

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Go in between of the "wish I had " and the bracket before “good riddance to him”
You just put there the piece of story for that choice. Same thing for the other one

Yay it worked thank you so much @lulu3 and @amberh.episode :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Aaaaa another problem:
Now it’s calling the character Daniel : I wish I had


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oh can I chime in.
I had this same problem too.
Only “else” response would work.
So yeah, when you find the answer.
I’ll be bookmarking this lol.

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Try to take (DANIEL) away

Thanks very much everyone but I think it was just an annoying glitch as it’s all fixed now,
Thanks so much for your input though :blush::blush:

Could it be that you haven’t changed which of the conditions your story has? Try clicking on the “story modifiers” on the right hand side of the preview screen and then “flags” if you’ve used gains. Choose the gain you want to check :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry *right hand side. I wasn’t looking at the preview screen! I changed it now

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I found the the problem. I had the name the
Outfit_1 in the dressing game but not the if/elif/else statement.

But thank you though, I’ll bookmark this incase I ever use gains :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: