Why isn't this working 😭

Hi, this isn’t working and it’s driving me crazy

Ok so here’s the script
@overlay 4828698043547648_THE_RING shifts to 195 287 in zone 3
@overlay 4828698043547648_THE_RING scales to 0.316 0.316
@overlay 4828698043547648_THE_RING moves to layer 6

How it looks

Spot Directing Error

And I feel like I’m doing something wrong, but my brain shut down, and I have to finish this chapter :sob: :weary:

I’m trying to place the ring on the screen, so I can size it and place it

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@overlay THE_RING opacity 1

try that

It worked, tysm! :grin:

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No problem!
Good luck in your writing!

Thank you

Also, I can’t wait for a new episode of Holaf, I read all the released chapters :sweat_smile:

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Omg thank you love :pleading_face:

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