Why?! Just why? 😭


probably shouldn’t be making this because I’m suppose to be sleeping…

Have any of you ever gotten an exam, like a proper school/academic exam where they haven’t told you what to study or what it was for?

No? Trust me, you’re lucky. Mine’s tomorrow.

I didn’t even know schools could do this!

If you have, can you please tell me what you studied for it. Cause I’ve got my basics; maths, English and the 3 sciences somewhat covered, but I’m not sure if that was what I was suppose to study or whatever.


Im going to say this as calmly as I can GIRLLLLLL STUDY FOR ALL SUBJECTS YOU TAKE. I had this happen once and I had to study for 9 classes in 1 day,

Edit: or just throw the test awayy :joy: :joy:

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I would study everything, especially the first things you’ve done in each subject (as you’re more likely to forget them), and the last things you’ve done (because there tends to be more questions about them in exams).

But I may be wrong because I always end up procrastinating and studying minutes before the exam


I tried to make a mental list of my subjects to double check what I had revised
but failed…

Just ignore the mental list I had to write out...
  • English Literature :heavy_check_mark:
  • English language :heavy_check_mark:
  • Further Maths✔️
  • Chemistry :heavy_check_mark:
  • Physics :heavy_check_mark:
  • Biology :heavy_check_mark:
  • RE
  • Technology and Design
  • Music. :heavy_check_mark:

(I think I’ll be fine for T&D, all we’ve done so far is sketch out plans for next years GCSE piece :roll_eyes:)

Well… I might have already failed. Why is my RE teacher so evil as to make me study x7 40-63 page books in 7 hours :sob::sob::sob: (probably my fault…)

I think you should rule out what subjects you already did tests for

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Thank You!

I started at what we covered in class first when I done Science and Maths and then the latest stuff.

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Me: crying because I haven’t done any tests yet because of lockdown :sob::sob::joy:

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I should not be laughing :joy: :joy: - no quizes at all?

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Not unless I ‘accidentally’ slept in/through them…
Which actually seems like something I would do…

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chile- then I dont know what to tell you :upside_down_face: :joy: , study for everything in this semester

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Damn… I’m so failing. :joy:

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probably… most likly… yes… :sweat_smile:

but imma still hype you up, :joy: :joy: :joy:

you gonna ace that test luv :sparkles:

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Are you sure? That just sounds so wrong… :anguished:
Sometimes teachers test their students on everything to see how ahead and/or behind they are, to prepare for what they’ll be teaching next semester. So get everything wrong so that the next semester turns out to be really easy (Joking! :joy: )


:rofl::rofl: I figured out what its for.
It doesn’t go towards much, but basically it predicts what average grades we’ll get next year in certain subjects based on patterns and stuff we’ve learnt this year. And then if you don’t meet/get higher your predicted grade at the end of the year you’re encouraged to drop the subject.

It doesn’t make much sense… but…

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Wait am I getting this wrong or you guys had a test from all the subjects you have at the moment? Like a good number of subjects all on one paper? Like this is the first time I hear about something like this so I am a little shocked, maybe I got it wrong tho it’s 4am and my brain is not functioning that well :sweat_smile:

Yes this has happened to me more times than I’d like. Just study everything you’ve learned so far and hope the questions on the exams are things you learned and studied. Good luck

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Oh gosh. I have pop quizzes sometimes, but they’re not as big as full-out exams. I’d recommend going back to old homework and redoing a few questions (especially with math), rereading material/textbooks, and reviewing all your notes. Personally, I remember information by writing things down, so if writing works for you, maybe rewrite the notes you already have and take new ones.

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