Why my Profile avatar won't show up in the Episode App Search Bar?

Hi! i am trying to Search My own profile avatar :pleading_face: in episode on the search bar but my profile won’t show up i want my Profile avatar to show up on the search bar so my readers Can easily Find My Stories And Follow Me Help Pls :heart:

What’s your profile name so people can search it up for you? :grin:

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i have no stories yet, but im working on it :grin: my problem is my profile avatar won’t show up on the episode app search bar :pleading_face: pls help me :heart: @Sydney_H @Nick Sorry if my english grammar was bad english is My 2nd language :heart::sweat_smile:

I get that. But what’s your profile username? I can’t see if it shows up on my end or not if I don’t know what to look for. :grin:

My name is Mylene And My Avatar Color Clothes Are Yellow :yellow_heart:


Yes thank you so much! did you search me on episode search bar?

I did. I had to scroll through some to find you but you’re there. :grin:

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I’ll read your stories right away :heart:

And that’s me. :sweat_smile:

Anyway. If you want your profile name to show up earlier in search I would suggest maybe changing it to Mylene.Writes or something more specific.

And you don’t have to but that’s very sweet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you very much @Baleigh_episode We can be friends on insta i actually followed you :heart:
You’re so kind :yellow_heart::sweat_smile:

That was very nice of you! If you don’t need anything else I would suggest tagging @Nick or @Sydney_H so they can get the thread closed for you. :grin:

thank you! @Baleigh_episode im actually taking a bath while typing this i can’t believe my profile avatar can search on the episode search bar :heart::grin: I’m jumping for joy now​:heart: Can we follow each other on insta and episode so we can be Co-Author :slight_smile: and friends sorry if my english grammar was bad english is my 2nd language :sweat_smile::heart:

I followed you back on insta but I don’t write with other people at the moment.

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it’s ok my insta wasn’t that famous :slight_smile::sweat_smile: that account is for my personal use only :joy:

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Can i ask a question? :joy:

Sure but you why don’t you dm me either here or on instagram so that your thread doesn’t go off topic. :grin:

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Ok i’ll dm you right away :joy::heart:

:wave:. Went ahead and closed this for y’all :grin: