Why No Gay Male MC in LL?

It’s not that there aren’t any, but I notice a definite lack of male to male love storylines? Especially in limelight I feel the selection is very bare, and some of them are even discontinued or badly directed/written. I was thinking about the demographic of users who use this app which has a strong female audience, so maybe the stories are being created in that POV more. I’m ready for one of our episode story hit makers to make a thought out, well constructed gay male storyline in limelight. It doesn’t even have to be an obvious coming of age love Simon kind of story , I’d very well rather it be more clever than that. But yea just thoughts it’s kind of frustrating not to find.

Honorable mention to Bisexual bachelorette


I mean there are some stories on that topic, you just have to find them. Plus, writing about male-to-male romance, may not have interest in writing on that topic.


Hey! My MC is a bisexual male and 2 of the main characters are gay males!

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Hello! Hello! You can also check out my newly published gay male MC story entitled Reaching You. Thanks!

Check out “His secret” it’s a great story with a gay MC :slight_smile:

I know a few in INK but not really any in LL

Thin Blue Line by Eysenck

Little Things by Reyna Selestino

Undeniable Flame by Xandra M

I think there is a lack in LL because LL stories don’t do well if there isn’t full CC, and stories with canon queer characters are much better if they don’t have CC and the authors themselves prefer to not have CC.


It’s not that authors try to leave LGBT+ out of their stories it’s just that they try to appeal to most of the community. As some may know there aren’t as many LGBT+ stories that are as popular as stories with characters who are straight. And a lot of the readers in the community are girls in their teens. There are of course a lot of adults as well as males in the community. And most stories with Male Mc’s don’t get as popular with a lot of stories with female Mc’s. In my opinion, I like playing stories that have LGBT+ content or male Mc’s. Then again I’m Bi so :kissing: I too am waiting for more stories like those!