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Hey hey!
Looking for Splashes, Overlays, Character Creation, Outfit Designing, Banners, Character Cards, Mood Boards, Story Cards, or Covers?
Then visit Bliss Art Shop. We guarentee speedy service and great quality art for you!
Go directly to the Bliss Art Shop by tapping here:

Not looking for art, but for work? We’re hiring too. {Please note that it is not paid work.}

We have pretty much everything to offer at this art shop, and we won’t let you down.
Soon we’ll even have a customer card that you can send to people that lets them know what we do, and lets them know you recommend us.

I hope you consider visting our art shop. If you do then thank you for choosing our one.

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Thank you for liking. I hope you’ll visit us soon!

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I already bookmarked :relaxed:

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Thank you so much <3 Request our art whenever you need it.

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Your welcome!

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