Why Other Episode's Avatar Users Are Circle But mine is not?!๐Ÿ˜…

Haha i know the title is kinda weird:sweat_smile: i mean why the other users of episode avatar app are like this :arrow_down:

Circle Profile

While mine is this?!



*I know i am not the only One That Are Profile is like this :sweat_smile: But Pls Episode Fix this I would really really really Apreciate this!:heart: Some of my friends are confused too about these kind of avatar profile This thread is kinda Funny for me!:sweat_smile: if you guys know the answers tell me pls?!!

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Hmm, Iโ€™m not sure. Iโ€™ve seen some profiles similar to your pfp, but I always thought it was just me :thinking:

Hehe, hello scribbles


mine did that when I updated it
like when profiles where back on android

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sammmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee :rofl:

brooooooooooo I didnt see datโ€ฆ r u still here

u gone oh ok :pleading_face: bye bye

I love how the profile looks when its a circle lmao!:sweat_smile:

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But what is the difference does the one who have circle profiles are already have published a story, and the ones are not published a story have that kind of profile ?!:sweat_smile:

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Huh I never noticed it like thatโ€ฆ your right
i just notice that when I changed it after profiles were back up

I think its a new update? :blob_sun:

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Most likely
have you submitted a ticket to epsiode
support team here: https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-

I delete epi app and tried to download it again
I mean this :arrow_down:

New Episode


But the profile is still this :arrow_down:

Still this one


What will i do?!:sweat_smile:

But mine looks like that so the second one is the new one


Iโ€™m really sorry but I donโ€™t understand :woman_facepalming:

Oh!:hushed: its ok i hope episode fix this problem asap *PS I CANT LIVE WITHOUT EPISODE"! :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I get that
I bothers my OCD to

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i followed you on insta hope we can be friends!:heart:

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:gift_heart: :gift_heart: :gift_heart:
Of course~

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Message me :blob_sun:

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Okay Hold on I cant find you ~~~

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Ok you can find me if you already followed me :smile:

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Yeah I know but insta does have it in alphabetical oder
and the search think never helps :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Guess iโ€™ll message you first!:rofl:

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